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Yard Maintenance

Yard Maintenance Services

Canterbury Landscaping provides yard maintenance and handyman services to clients looking to enhance existing features on their property.

Along with typical work associated with garden cleanups, we provide assistance with those odd-jobs that tend to present themselves. Whether you need to fix a broken sprinkler line, replace some derelict fence panels, move or build that heavy thing, or whatever if may be, let Canterbury Landscaping be the solution that you need.

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Garden cleanups

Revitalize your yard with Canterbury Landscaping’s seasonal garden cleanups. With each changing season, a mature Vancouver garden requires constant attention corresponding to the time of the year. Leave the heavy lifting to hardworking staff with leadership trained in proper horticultural practice. You can trust Canterbury Landscaping to keep your garden in pristine and presentable condition, while providing plant life the opportunity to grow with vitality, showcasing the natural beauty of each specimen.

Tree pruning and hedge trimming

Canterbury Landscaping specializes in the artful touch of ornamental tree pruning and hedge trimming. A skilled technician will transform overgrown plants into living masterpieces with pruning and trimming techniques corresponding to each unique specimen’s requirements. To encourage optimal growth patterns, many trees and scrubs require seasonal attention to keep them blooming or maintaining a desired shape or lustre. In addition to major overhauls, Canterbury Landscaping will maintain the hard work already done to your perfectly shaped hedges, with steady hands and a meticulous eye.

Repairs and rejuvenation

Receive complete care for your outdoor space with Canterbury Landscaping’s extensive range of outdoor general handyman services. Going beyond new hardscape installations and garden design, planting & maintenance, we will also repair and rejuvenate existing structures on your property, ensuring that your fixtures stay in top condition. Whether it’s mending pathways, revitalizing garden structures, fixing fences, tending to patchy lawn or any outdoor wear and tear, Canterbury is your reliable partner for those pesky chores. If you need a hand, Mike is your man.